Welcome to our blog.

Welcome to the People’s History Museum blog. On this page we will keep you updated with life at PHM; our collections, events, people and random musings!
PHM tells the story of ‘ideas worth fighting for’; its collections consist primarily of items from the last 200 years of the organised labour movement in Britain representing the social history of working people.

Banners on display at the museum.

Banners on display at the museum.

The museum and archive hold an extensive collection of objects, posters, badges, paintings and some 70,000 photographic images. The museum also holds the largest collection of historic trade union and political banners in the world and is the UK’s leading authority on the conservation and study of banners. See here for more info. (http://www.phm.org.uk/our-collection/).

NOISEstock event at the museum.

NOISEstock event at the museum.

We hold a vast array of exciting events, meetings and learning sessions at the museum every day, so check this blog or our website regularly for updates! To learn more about a few of the interesting projects currently in progress at PHM, check out our other blogs at http://unlockideas.wordpress.com/ and http://wonderwomenmcr.blogspot.co.uk/.

We’re really keen to hear your comments and experiences of PHM, from your favourite item to suggestions for more blogs, so please get in touch.


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