An exciting new project: Play Your Part


In general, museums may look at different aspects of the past, but as organisations they are constantly evolving and challenging themselves to think differently about their role in society.

Over the course of 2013-2014, with support from Arts Council England,  will be undertaking a pioneering new project which will hopefully challenge us to think differently about ourselves, in order to be more relevant in today’s world, resonate with our everyday lives and inspire people to respond. 

What this means is, we’ll be experimenting with different ways of getting you involved, putting on ground breaking and quirky events, pop-up exhibitions and looking at our collection in a new way.  We’ll be finding some hidden gems from our stores and asking you for your stories and experiences and how they relate to your life, both past and present.

This is an experiment – we’re not totally sure how the project will play out, which is what makes it so exciting!  There’ll be mistakes, there’ll be happy accidents, but we’ll share them with you along the way. We want you to share too!  Tell us your ideas, experiences and random musings using the comments below or email Harriet or Catherine.


3 thoughts on “An exciting new project: Play Your Part

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