Play Your Part – the first experiment

Ground floor board RESIZED

Do you prefer brilliant badges or beautiful banners?  Do you fantasise about trying on a suffragette sash?

We’d like to find out what your favourite objects at PHM are.  You can tell us at the museum by writing (or drawing!) your answer on one of our chalkboards*, or if you’re not in the area pop it in the comments below.  To inspire you our lovely PHM staff will be blogging about their favourite objects over the next few weeks.

The top ten objects will feature in a very special ‘People’s Choice’ section on our website, so make sure yours is in there!

*Some of our very conscientious visitors “found” the boxes of chalk we put out and responsibly handed them back to our Gallery Assistants.  We’ve now added a label (silly us – obviously everything in a museum needs a label!)



5 thoughts on “Play Your Part – the first experiment

  1. Bless! I love the idea of visitors handing the chalk back in, you obviously get a good caliber of visitor there. Having visited the other week,
    I would probably put the banners for the various industrial unions at the top of my favorites list, as they are such works of beauty and represent the pride, passion and dedication of their members. They encompass the hopes and aspirations of the working people, and represent the achievement of those who fought for unions to be allowed and recognized.

    • We have the best visitors! The banners are amazing (and are definitely coming close to the top of our staff poll) – do you have a favourite?

      • For sheer art, the Hampstead Labour Party, such a beautiful woman in a painstakingly crafted piece of work. For the message, the builders and miners (I think) banner. Red with four chaps shaking hands. I don’t recall if it’s on show at the moment, but I have seen it previously. The focus of it being the working men themselves rather than an example of their work, or a woman representing the ideal of justice etc, really struck me, as it places the person, the common hard grafters themselves, at the core of the message. So it’s between those two!

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