Community Campaigns Notice Board & Protests on our Doorstep

An element of our Play Your Part project is to ‘inspire direct action’.  We realise that visitors might get fired up from finding out about the story we tell and want to play their part in campaigns they feel passionate about.  Which is why we’re going to set up a ‘Community Campaigns’ notice board at the museum for you to shout about your causes.  Are you organising a demo or publicising a petition?  Do you have an idea worth fighting for?  Send in your flyers for upcoming events, either in the post, at our info desk or email them to  It goes without saying that we won’t display anything that may be offensive to some people (e.g. anything we deem to be racist or sexist etc.).

To inspire you we’re starting a series of occasional blogs about ‘Protests on our Doorstep’.  As the home of ideas worth fighting for we are conveniently placed in the historically radical city of Manchester (come see our displays on the Peterloo Massacre and the Suffragettes to name just two examples).  Manchester in 2013 lives up to its radical roots and there are many protests taking place across the city on practically a daily basis (well if you include us moaning about the weather!).  Neighbouring the courts we can see a lot of them out of our window!

In recent weeks we’ve witnessed the following protests:

A protest against blacklisting, 12 July 2013

Blacklist demo, 12 July 2013, Manchester (4)

No Bedroom Tax, 27 July 2013


Bedroom Tax demo, 27 July 2013, Bridge St, Manchester (8)

64 years of Legal Aid a celebration and a protest, 30 July 2013


Legal Aid Rally 30 July 2013, Crown Court Square, Manchester (2)


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