Experiment #1: The votes are in!

29 July (2)For the next stage on our ongoing quest to find our visitors’ most loved PHM object, we turned to a more traditional form of polling – the ballot box.  To mix it up we used some transparent ballot boxes, so visitors could see which object was ‘winning’ (yes we blatantly nicked this idea from Waitrose!).  Visitors could vote for their favourite object out of the current ‘top three’ – the jukebox, our poster collection and the hats.  We also left out some trusty post it notes for visitors to add other objects if they disagreed with the ones selected.

Out of 201 votes cast, the winner was….

The jukebox!!!

The votes agreed with the previous stages of the experiment.  Clearly our visitors love a boogie!

Final results Other votes

Whilst we produced some official looking ‘ballot papers’, when these ran out, visitors used their ingenuity and voted with post its and even clocking in cards!

What do you think our next question should be?  What would you cast your vote for?


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