People’s History Museum taking part in Worklab International Conference in Austria in 2014

Worklab pic

In 2014 Worklab will be holding an international conference in Steyr, Austria.
Worklab is a European network of Labour History Museums and the People’s History Museum is a founding member and currently the only member museum in the UK. The network provides a peer support network amongst member museums and has also been very successful in securing European funding for collaborative projects.

The conference will ask how Labour History Museums respond to the changing world we now live in – how does the social, political and economic context affect our communications, our programmes and our work?

This conference is being led by the Museum Arbeitswelt on behalf of Worklab and will take place between 3-7 September 2014. All conference details can be found at:

There is a call out for papers now and papers should fit within the general theme of the conference, respectively following subthemes:

  • New ways of communications with visitors
  • Educational Programs for schools and other target groups
  • Cooperations between labour museums and other institutions
  • Women history in labour museums
  • Work and identity
  • Dying industries and society

If you want to participate with your own paper, please send an abstract (Curriculum vitae included) to or send it by fax (0043 7252 77 351 11) or via regular mail, postmarked to following address: Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr // Wehrgrabengasse 7 // 4400 Steyr, Austria. The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2014.


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