PHM…Coming to a town near you

Play Your Part - resized for webCalling everyone in the Greater Manchester area, the People’s History Museum is going on tour!

In the New Year, the Play Your Part project is heading out of the museum and coming to a town near you (well, within the ten metropolitan boroughs of Greater Manchester). We want to know what has been happening in your local area, events, campaigns, protests or petitions. Can you help? These can be from within living memory or something that took place today!

We believe there are always ideas worth fighting for and want to hear your stories of events you’ve been involved with from campaigns for change, rallies to raise awareness of injustices or petitions to save your local services.

Being on tour gives us the opportunity to get out into local communities and towns where these events and campaigns are taking place. Bring along an object that represents what you have fought for and are passionate about in your area and share your memories and experiences with others. And if you let us know what you love, we can see if there’s something we love in our collections that we can bring to you!

Get in touch and watch this space for dates!


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