Rubbish Remixers

30 November 2013, Rubbish Remixers @ People's History Museum, copyright Manchester Youth Council (2)This guest blog is by Team v Manchester who hosted the event Rubbish Remixers at the museum on Saturday 30 November.

We held an up cycling day to teach people about the impact of clothing waste upon the environment. We decided it would be better to teach people by teaching them how they can practically up cycle their old clothes.

We had four stalls at the event:

  1. Fabrics and buttons
  2. Stencils and fabric pens
  3. Spray dyes
  4. Natural dyes – using food and products you would find at home

We displayed the t-shirts the volunteers had up cycled at the training session they had done previously

We had 25 people attend our event and had some really positive feedback. Lots of the people got involved in the stalls but a few just had a chat with us about what we were doing.

The volunteers handled the event really well and said they enjoyed it very much.

The space we used was fantastic for the event and the messy room was especially useful.


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