Ask our visitors: Raising the state pension age

Responding to the recent news that the state pension age is set to increase to 70 for today’s young workers, we decided to ask our visitors whether they agreed with this- given that it could save the UK £500 billion over 50 years.20131212_143825

As the photo shows (and as you might have guessed…) our visitors were none too pleased with this news, and raised some really interesting points when responding to our question.

The first comment suggested that only bankers retire at 70 which was quickly crossed out by another visitor and changed to 90! Another example of visitors responding to each other using the blackboard was when the comment “As society grows richer, why can’t we work less?” was challenged by a visitor asking “Which society?”

One visitor used this as a chance to promote their campaign- the People’s Assembly against Austerity and commented “Join the resistance!”

One of the most thought-provoking responses was raised by a 33-year-old occupational therapist who wrote; “I help the elderly to move- won’t be fit enough when I’m 70”. This comment raises questions about sustainability in physical and vocational jobs- is it fair to expect 70 year olds to carry on working in such roles for longer periods of time? Or, as we are getting fitter and living longer, is this not such a big ask?

What do you think? As always, you can comment with your responses, or leave your vote on our online poll!



One thought on “Ask our visitors: Raising the state pension age

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