Play Your Part creative courses

Play Your Part - resized for webWe have two very exciting opportunities for you to Play Your Part and get involved creatively with the People’s History Museum this winter.

Sensory Labyrinth Theatre

We want to try something innovative and new and we need your help.

We have travelled across Europe and discovered an exciting new type of theatre called Labyrintheme. You don’t need to be an actor, performer or have any type of performance experience to create a labyrinth, you just need to be playful and open to new ideas and experiences. Our performance will be inspired by the history of the Fabian Society and the people that were involved including George Bernard Shaw, H G Wells and Annie Besant.

Labyrintheme is: ‘a renewed perspective on the ways we perceive and acquire information through our basic senses.  While everything around us competes in terms of getting bigger and louder it also risks becoming two-dimensional and, frankly, quite boring.  We found that this context is actually a great opportunity to surprise our audiences and visitors by becoming three-dimensional: focusing on creating an image inside the head and not in front of the eyes…. [sharing] on a human-to-human level rather than through a patronising I-will-provide-knowledge experience.’

The performance will take place in museum as part of our Play Your Party event on Sunday 2 March.  We’d love for you to get involved with the following workshops:

Tuesday 11 February, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Everyone is welcome.  The project will be begin with this stand-alone workshop in which we will delve into the archives to find out more about the Fabian Society, its members and the ideas that they held dear. (You can also use this opportunity to find out more about the Labyrinth performance with no commitment!)

To be part of the Labyrinth theatre performance you’ll need to be available for all the workshops on the following dates:

  • Workshop: Sunday 23 February, 10.00am – 4.00pm
  • Rehearsal: Saturday 1 March, 10.00am – 12.00pm
  • Performance: Sunday 2 March

Creative Writing

Have you been inspired by the ideas, stories and spaces at the People’s History Museum? Want to develop your creative writing skills? Want to see your work performed at a major event at a national museum?

Award winning scriptwriter Emily Capstick is here to help!

You will have the opportunity to explore in more detail some of the themes and stories at the People’s History Museum and develop a short monologue that will be performed at the museum’s Play Your Party event on Saturday 1 March.

The course will run on the following dates:

  • Workshop 1: Wednesday 29 January, 10.00am – 1.00pm
  • Workshop 2: Wednesday 12 February, 10.00am – 12.00pm
  • Workshop 3: Wednesday 26 February, 10.00am – 12.00pm
  • Performance: Saturday 1 March

If you’re interested in either course, please contact to book your place.

Both courses are free, but please bring along a packed lunch.


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