Vote PHM!!

Janette Parris imagePHM needs YOU!  Please vote for us to win a visit from artist Janette Parris for Museums at Night 2014.

What’s all that about then?

We’re really excited to have been shortlisted for Culture 24’s Connect 10 competition.  10 fabulous artists will be paired up with cultural venues across the country to put on exciting events for Museums at Night 2014.

Who chooses the venues?

YOU do!  There is a shortlist of three or four venues for each artist. You can vote online from 11.00am on Tuesday 14 January until 5.00pm on Tuesday 28 January.

What do you win?

We’ll get to work with the brilliant artist Janette Parris to put on an event.  We also get £2000 to make it happen.

Janette Parris is well known for her series of work for Art on the Underground and has also exhibited at Tate Britain. Her work uses narrative, humour and a range of popular formats from soap opera, stand up and musical theatre, to live music, cartoons and drawing. Parris often focuses on the ‘everyday’ and the common experience – an excellent fit for PHM as the home of ‘ideas worth fighting for’ and our focus on the struggle of ordinary people.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll get to come along to our spectacular Museums at Night event which will take place at some point between Thursday 15 May – Saturday 17 May 2014.

Sounds good!  What will be happening on the night?

Our event will take place in our object-rich galleries, which are full of intriguing twists and turns and hidden corners, where actors, tour guides, comedians and puppeteers will be placed to retell the history of two centuries of politics and campaigning.  What would have happened if the Cato Street Conspirators had succeeded in their plot? What if the Chartist petition had been successful? What if the suffragettes had failed to get votes for women? What if Thatcher had lost the 1979 election? You will be taken on a journey through this alternative history and encouraged to debate other possibilities through interaction with the performers.

So who’s the competition?

The New Art Gallery in Walsall, The Cardiff Story and Weston Park Museum in Sheffield

Anything else I should know?

Our friends at the National Football Museum are also shortlisted to win artist Matt Pyke so please vote for them too!

I’ll get voting and tell all my friends!

Thanks! Follow this link to vote for us


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