Ask our visitors: Voter apathy

Following on from our conversation with Lucy Powell in which she talked about voter apathy (if you haven’t watched it yet- follow this link), we decided to ask our visitors why they thought the voter turnout in the last Manchester by-election was so low. Lucy won her seat in 2012 with 69% of the vote, but voter turnout was unusually low at only 18%- the smallest since World War II. Lucy made some really interesting point as to why she thinks this may be, but did our visitor agree with her?

Voter apathy blackboard

Generally, most visitors said they will be voting in the next election, but had differing views beyond that:

“Yes I will vote in 2015. Poor voter turnouts are down to poor politicians and the lack of political education.”

“Yes. I don’t know why though. It won’t make much difference. “

“People must be shaken out of their apathy. Make voting compulsory- we have to pay taxes, send our children to school etc., Why not vote?”

A number of commenter’s expressed their reason for voting through struggles of the past:

“Never not voted. The vote was hard won.”

“Always- we fought too hard to lose our vote now. Spoil your paper if you don’t like the candidates. Or stand yourself!”

One visitor expressed their reasons for not voting in 2015:

“I am not apathetic but I have no belief that politicians will do what they say and I will not vote for a bunch of liars. I don’t think I’m alone in this.”

As a final comment, this visitor, taking advice from a recent interview with Jeremy Paxman, expressed their reasons for also not voting in 2015:

“Russell Brand said not to so I probably won’t.”

If you would like to debate the subject or something else close to you heart, why not come to our next Soapbox Sunday on Sun 23 February? No booking required, just turn up at 2pm with an idea, an opinion and an open mind. For more information, give the museum a call on 01618389190.


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