We’ve been taken over! Part 2

Takeover Day - St James' CofE Primary School, 22.11.2013, copyright People's History Museum (71)‘I like the stick on moustaches because you can go and trick your friends and go and say that I have grown a moustache when you haven’t.’ Leah

As you might recall from one of our earlier blog posts, St James’ Church of England Primary School, Birch-in-Rusholme  Year 5 class took over the museum for a day in November 2013.  They have been continuing their take over by telling us about what the day in a series of three guest blogs.

In this second blog you will hear from the group who took over our Front of House team.  These Year 5 students had a busy morning: they chose their Top 5 favourite shop items (by democratic means of course), picked out stock that they thought we should sell in our shop and created a beautiful Christmas display.  The students then helped our Gallery Assistants to greet visitors, write up events on our notice board and look after our gallery spaces.

Top 5 favourite shop items (chosen by St. James’ Year 5 class)

  1. T-Shirt maker
  2. Tin yo-yo
  3. Plastic cup (beaker)
  4. Moustache’s
  5. Note Book (pad)


Individual Top 5 Shop Items

You can find out what the Year 5 students chose as their Top 5 items to buy:

1] Tin yoyo because lots of people like yoyos and you can do lots of tricks.

2] Fake moustache because they’re really funny.

3] T-shirt markers .


 Takeover Day - St James' CofE Primary School, 22.11.2013, copyright People's History Museum (10)

Top 5 things to buy in PHM gift shop

1)            stick on moustaches

2)            plastic cups

3)            melty beads

4)            tin yo-yo

5)            wooden skipping rope

I like the plastic cup because they have a massive curly straw which goes right round the cup.

I like the melty beads because I like sticking them on the spiky thing. I forgot its name and then you have to iron them and they melt.

I like the tin yoyo because I like to have a competition how many times it bounces before it all gets tangled.

I like the wooden skipping rope because I love skipping. I always see how many jumps I do.


Top 5 favourite shop items @ People's Hisory Museum

Top 5 things to buy in PHM Gift Shop

  1. Polystyrene      Plane
  2. Desktop Bowling
  3. Tin Yo-yo
  4. Seed Bomb
  5. Sky Divers 

I liked the Polystyrene Planes because they flew, they were easy to handle, and were pocket-sized. I liked the Desktop Bowling because if I get bored when I’m doing my homework I can take a short break and play a quick round with it. I liked the Tin Yo-yo because it didn’t look like it would break easily because most of the time when I buy a plastic yo-yo it breaks really quick.

Mohammed Ayman


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