Snapshot on Women

3 March 2014, Snapshot on Women @ People's History Museum

The first Monday of every month brings a lunchtime Snapshot session down in the archive in the museum’s lower level. It’s an opportunity for anyone to have a look at some of the 80,000 photographs in our huge collection from the Labour Party and Communist Party archives in a friendly and informal setting.

On Monday, 3rd March, Snapshot focuses on women. The 20th century saw enormous changes in women’s lives and in women striving towards equality. There’s a wealth of photos of women in many roles, from the suffrage movement, strikes for a living wage and equal pay, taking up jobs previously unavailable, the women’s liberation movement, and much more.

3 March 2014

All are welcome from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, further info on the main PHM website.

This event is part of Wonder Women: Radical Manchester.  Every spring, Wonder Women shines a light on some of the incredible, creative and campaigning women working in and from this city today – it’s our way of highlighting that feminist journey, via a month’s worth of events, debate, music, art, gigs, profiles and more. More information on Creative Tourist


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