The Pump House

A guest blog by our Senior Gallery Assistant (Buildings), Anthony Dillon

People's History Museum 011As a Gallery Assistant at the People’s History Museum we often get asked questions about the Pump House, which is situated in the old side of the museum.

A grade 2 listed building and built in Edwardian times the architect was Mr Henry Price.

Its purpose was to pressurise water up to 1200psi in the accumulator tower. This pressurised water was then pumped under the streets of Manchester through a system of metal pop riveted piping that led to the local cotton mills and factories that often leaked. This pressurised water was then used to power all the machinery in the factories.

The pressurised water was used to power the factories and  the local town hall clock and the emergency curtain at the theatres and anything else the Edwardians needed to power.

The Pump House today has a different use, it no longer pressurises water for the factories it now has a different use as a event space for weddings and conferences and also when not being used for theses purposes we use it as a Community Gallery space.

The Pump House is well worth a visit at PHM and if you need any help just ask any of our friendly front of house staff to assist you at anytime.


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