Learning Team let loose on Liverpool

A guest post from our Learning Assistant, Liz Thorpe, who clearly enjoys being let out for the day!

A few weeks ago the Learning Team ventured out of the museum and headed off to explore the Museum of Liverpool. In what proved to be an insightful and fun filled visit we were able to meet some of the team, find out what they offer their visitors and also test out some of their interactives.

With Chris Foot, who works for the education team there, we started the day with some research (okay I mean playing) in the Little Liverpool area. A place for under 6’s to create their own Liverpool – including some questionable creatures for the River Mersey. Here is my attempt …

Little Liverpool

Next we were introduced to Matt Exley who talked us through one of their workshops, giving us the chance to learn more about Liverpool’s history and also the work they do at the museum with school groups. This gave us the opportunity to get in to character (not much persuasion needed) and pose for some pictures. Louise, as you can see, took to the regal attire a little too well!

Dressing up in Liverpool

We finished the day by meeting with Julia Bryan, Senior Education Manager, where we were able to discuss challenges facing the Education Departments in our museums and plans for the future over a well deserved cup of coffee. It was a great opportunity to compare notes and see some similarities between us.

Overall, our visit proved extremely beneficial, allowing us to meet more people as passionate as we are about our work and learn a little something about Liverpool and its newest museum. Some personal highlights of mine were their current exhibition April Ashley: Portrait of a Lady, full of beautiful photographs and an inspirational story and their ‘When I Was Little’ project which encourages children to visit with their grandparents and share memories. It is fair to say we finished the day feeling inspired by the great work the museum is doing and hopefully we will be able to entertain them here at the People’s History Museum one day.




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