My week at the People’s History Museum

A guest post by work experience placement Matthew Heywood

Nottingham City NALGO banner

As a student entering my second year of college and with university applications coming up, work experience is a very useful process to get involved in. And with a desire to take up a degree in history, the People’s History Museum was the ideal location for a relevant, engaging and insightful work placement.

During my week here I have taken part in many of the activities which constitute working life at the People’s History Museum. These include making a display for the ENGAGE 25th anniversary meeting, photographing objects for the archives and evaluating visitor comments.
A notable experience was researching a banner from the 1989 NALGO strike in Nottingham, which took place in protest against the anti-union actions of Margaret Thatcher’s government, to produce a label for the 2015 banner display.

My week here at the People’s History Museum has proved highly insightful and demonstrated the hard work and dedication that goes into its day-to-day functioning and maintenance. For anyone looking for work experience, interested in social history or curious about how a museum really works, a work placement at the People’s History Museum is something I would highly recommend.



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