Work in Progess – Week 4

work in progressWeek 4 kicked off with our Acquisitions meeting.  We had lots of interesting offers of material, a highlight of which was a handmade  anti-Nazi children’s game in the form of a small wooden coconut shy where the hinged objects to be knocked over are caricatures of the German baddies.

Art of Protest workshop, Tues 5 August 2014On Tuesday we held our Art of Protest workshop and had one of our first forays into digital art.  Art of Protest is usually run as part of our Learning Programme for schools and community groups.  Artist David Perkins adapted it to test as a drop-in family workshop, and to try our one of our new iPads.  There were some brilliant results, however we felt that if we wanted to incorporate more digital elements into our Learning Programme we’d need to invest in more tablets so they can be shared between the group.  Unfortunately this isn’t something that we currently have the resources for, but it’s something to consider for the future.

I’ve been busy this week adding new events to our already jam-packed programme.  Don’t miss fire service historian Bob Bonner telling the story of London Road Fire Station on Monday 18 August. Photographer Steven Speed will join us on Sunday 7 September to share his experiences of Protest Photography. Finally, No More Page 3 will lead discussion, debate and collaborative craftivism with their Wollstonecraftivism workshop on Saturday 13 September.

Carolyn Peters from the Hough End Hall campaign popped in for a chat.  They’re going to be dropping off some campaign materials for us to display next week.

We’ve had a couple of entries in our Suggestion Box this week, which I put to our Curator, Chris Burgess.  One visitor requested replica World War I bombs and Chris explained that ‘we’re trying to avoid the story of the trenches. A Land Fit For Heroes is an exhibition about motivation and cause and effect’.  Liv requested ‘more clothes to try on and make a stage for acting’. Chris: ‘Here at PHM we think the whole world is a stage and everyone in it actors. So go crazy.’

Make your own People'S Guide workshop, 8 August 2014We rounded off the week with Make Your Own People’s Guide run by artists Kate Dunstone and Chloe Hamill. Kate and Chloe have been delivering the The People’s Guide project, where groups have selected objects from the museum that other visitors shouldn’t miss.  This was our visitors turn to choose their must see objects, create their own guide to the museum and pick up a snazzy bag!

I’m very excited that Claire Curtin will be joining us for her Microresidency from tomorrow.  Come join in screenprinting, creating placards, petitions and more!


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