Skiffle Workshop

A guest blog from Gallery Assistant and resident Skiffle expert, Ed Lambert

31 July 2014, Skiffle Workshop @ People's History MuseumNow the ringing in my ears has subsided, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the Skiffle Workshop last week, from the members of the public who took part, the front of house team and Colin Smith for making the event one to remember for all who were there.

I feel the workshop achieved its aims of educating people on the subject of Skiffle, the working class music performed on household appliances utilised as instruments. The instrument hunt using Hannah Mitchell’s kitchen and the presentation, although being slightly chaotic, demonstrated the way in which the Skiffle generation used what was to hand to bring about the much needed change to music that we still feel the effects of today.

The session had a few unexpected highlights such as the two girls who sang and the especially skilled bread bin player, and other examples of hidden musical talents that occurred during the marathon jam session held together so well by Colin on guitar. If anyone had the opportunity to take any photographs or film could you please share them with us and anyone who was unable to make it this time there will be the opportunity to come to a future Skiffle workshop, possibly around March of next year.



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