The People’s Guide Project

A guest blog from artists Kate Dunstone and Chloe Hamill

The People's GuideOver the past few months we’ve been exploring the museum, meeting visitors and learning more about the collections as we work with community groups to create their own guides to the must-see sights at PHM.

Working with groups from Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Youth Council and Manchester Aid to Kosovo (so far!) we’ve seen the museum from a whole lot of different perspectives, and discovered some hidden gems embedded in the collection.

The People's GuideSpeaking with a Yemeni student from MMU opened our eyes to the relevance of the museum’s ‘history of democracy’ to the modern world, where free speech and the right to vote are still being fought for. Manchester Youth Council’s enthusiasm and engagement gave us hope for Britain’s political future, as we learned about the issues they feel strongly about, and how they’re working to change them. A Sunday morning with Manchester Aid to Kosovo gave us an opportunity to have some in depth discussion about the importance of the museum in the modern political landscape.

The People's GuideIt’s been a difficult, but hugely enjoyable, task to bring together all these perspectives into easy to follow guides for museum visitors, but I think we’ve achieved it. Keep a look out for the People’s Guides at PHM’s reception in the coming weeks!

We’re really excited to share all the recommendations and ideas we’ve gathered with PHM’s visitors, and encourage everyone to share their own favourite exhibits with us and the museum at


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