Videobooth – Scottish Referendum

A guest post by volunteer Sarah Taylor

The videobooth at the People’s History Museum allows our visitors to give their opinions on a variety of different matters. However, these videos don’t just disappear off into the PHM atmosphere once recorded – it’s my job to go through them and make sure the rest of the world can hear the wonderful ideas and views of our visitors.

In September, we asked: ‘What are your thoughts on the Scottish Referendum?’. Generally our visitors were happy with the results of the Referendum and felt that the two nations were stronger together. They also saw the Scottish Referendum as a good example of democracy with an excellent turnout.

However, most felt that the result had provided the best of both worlds as although it kept us together, it has also opened up a lot of other issues and unanswered questions that now need to be discussed. These include lowering the voting age to 16 and the introduction of an English parliament – maybe even devolution for Greater Manchester!

So all in all, last month’s Videobooth has shown that although our visitors seem to be in agreement on the result of the Scottish Referendum, everyone has their own opinions and ideas on where we should go next. To watch to the videos for yourself have a look at the playlist on our YouTube channel.

We are now asking visitors about the issues on political parties’ manifestos that are most important to them, so come along, have your say and see if you get chosen for YouTube fame as part of next month’s YouTube playlist!


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