Sophie Goldsprings into action at the People’s History Museum!

A guest blog by placement student Sophie Goldspring

Sophie GoldspringMy name is Sophie Goldspring, I’m a third year Politics student at the University of Hull and as part of my final year I have been working for the last three months at the People’s History Museum.

I have been working with Chris, Harriet and Josh on the upcoming changing exhibition Election! opening in February next year.  Working on the exhibition has meant I have been helping in researching every election since 1900, working with objects from past election campaigns and explaining how UK elections and governments work.  As well as the elections of the past, I helped to collect polling data on the upcoming 2015 general election.

As well as my work with exhibitions, I worked with the Learning team at the start of Parliament Week. We helped some primary school children learn about Parliament and how it works, and took them for a tour of the museum galleries.  As part of Parliament Week, I worked on a self guided quiz based on voting and elections for children, helping them to learn about suffrage throughout the past, including how long it took for all men and women over 18 to finally get to vote in general elections.  I have also been working in the Labour History Archive, helping to gather material for the Election! exhibition and one time cataloguing material in the photograph collection.

As a politics student, you don’t really get to have experience like this unless you take up an internship and I’m really happy I worked here as part of my final year. Working with PHM has helped me to understand the everyday side of politics, and how normal people have and continue to affect politics today.

After three months of writing, researching, editing text and drinking many cups of tea, my internship at the People’s History Museum is coming to an end. This week is my final week here and I have enjoyed every minute of it, helping the museum to engage everyday people with politics both in the upcoming election and the impact of working class movements in the past.


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