We want your election photographs!

A guest post by volunteer Helen Antrobus

The People’s History Museum, the national museum of democracy, holds the largest collection of political material in the country. On Saturday 14 February, Election! Britain Votes will open at the People’s History Museum. The exhibition combines past and present, giving visitors a chance to explore the history and process of general elections whilst also following the unfolding events of the 2015 general election…which is where you come in.

1924 election photograph. Election! changing exhibition at People's History MuseumWe are looking for the photographs and stories of people who are actively engaging in the 2015 general election campaign, to include in the exhibition, so that it can be continuously updated with new leaflets, photographs, and election material! We would like photographs from anybody who has been actively involved in the general election so far, from canvassing and campaigning, from any party and any constituency.

You can tweet us, facebook us, or send them via e-mail to: exhibitions@phm.org.uk


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