Join the Radicals – A big thank you!

A guest blog by Kim Gowland, Individual Giving Manager

Our Join the Radicals fundraising campaign is a success! A thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

Supporters - banner (new leaflet cover)At the end of last year, the People’s History Museum launched a new fundraising campaign called Join the Radicals. Our museum celebrates the stories of the radical thinkers who believed in ideas worth fighting for, the pioneers who changed history and made life better for working people.  In these challenging economic times, we more than ever need the support of individuals and organisations who love the museum, people who want to contribute to our success and ensure the stories of the Radicals continue to be told.

So we launched our campaign, with opportunities to support the museum in a number of ways;  to become a Radical Supporter or a Radical Patron, or to sponsor a Radical Hero. And of course, we still encouraged donations of all sizes, every penny helps.

The good news is the campaign has been a huge success so far, thanks to our generous visitors and donors. In the last 12 months, with all your help, we have raised a whopping £169,983.11! This is 12 times as much income as the previous year.

So we want to say a huge thank you.

Here is how you have helped us this year:

  • Over £22,000 has been donated to the museum through our donation boxes, online and in other ways. This is almost £10,000 more than last year.
  • £2834 was raised at our Never Mind the Politics fundraising event day in March.
  • The Radical Supporters scheme (£30 a year) now has three times as many members as last year and is, growing every week.
Radical Patron Jon Snow at the opening of Election! Britain Votes

Radical Patron Jon Snow at the opening of Election! Britain Votes

We have a new Patrons scheme (£300 a year) which we launched in January and  we already have 11 members. We are delighted too that Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow, who visited the museum as our special guest to open the Election! Britain Votes exhibition, is one of our new Patrons.  Jon said, “I’m delighted to be a Patron of the People’s History Museum. This is such as important institution, and the only one of its kind in the country. The way the museum tells the story of the British people’s fight for democracy is wonderful. This is the history of ordinary working people, told in interesting and engaging ways. Every adult and child in the country should come and enjoy this place.”

One of the big successes of the campaign so far is our Sponsor a Radical Hero scheme, which costs £3000 (or £1000 per year for three years). This gives individuals and organisations an opportunity to personalise their support by putting their name against one of our Radical Heroes. The list consists of politicians, writers and artists, pioneering sports people and campaigners, and reflects the range and diversity of the museum’s collections.  We are delighted that 45 of our Radicals have already been sponsored! Amongst them are Clement Attlee, Nye Bevan, Winston Churchill, Hannah Mitchell, George Orwell, Tom Paine, Emmeline Pankhurst, William Wilberforce and the Victims of Peterloo.

Sponsor Laura Harper, who sponsored her Radical Hero William Wilberforce for her family Andy, Grace and Thurston.  Viewing the Sponsors thank you board in the museum, with her daughter Grace.

Sponsor Laura Harper, who sponsored her Radical Hero William Wilberforce for her family Andy, Grace and Thurston. Viewing the Sponsors thank you board in the museum, with her daughter Grace.

But we still have lots of Radicals left to sponsor; among the great ones still available to support are Tony Benn, Barbara Castle, Keir Hardie, Paul Robeson and Mary Wollstonecraft.  Plus, people can nominate their own Radical Hero if they are not on our list and are complementary to the museum and the story of democracy and equal rights. For example, Alan Johnson MP, right at the beginning of the campaign, nominated and sponsored his own Radical Hero, the Scottish Trade Unionist Jimmy Reid. Check out the live list of which Radical Heroes are still available to sponsor.

So, lots of good news, but the story is not over.

The Join the Radicals fundraising campaign continues and we would love more people to get on board.  The museum is registered charity, with free admission.  Income from our Join the Radicals campaign goes directly towards our collections, exhibitions and Learning Programme.   Whichever level you join at, there are a range of benefits, from regular email newsletters and invitations to private views, discounts in the museum shop and cafe, right up to Sponsors’ credits in the museum and special events.

And of course, every time you visit the museum, attend an event, hire one of spaces, or spend money in our cafe and shop, you help to support us.  So thank you to all of you.

Find more about joining the Radicals and supporting the People’s History Museum or contact



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