Visit by Britannia English Academy

Britannia English AcademyA guest blog by Richard Skillander, Director of Studies at Britannia English Academy 

When someone arrives in Manchester they often have an idea about the city that is completely wrong. They’ve heard so many comments about the bad weather, the darkness of the city or about a city where you can’t do anything else except drink beer in a pub while it’s raining outside. But, at Britannia English Academy, we try to change their opinion, offering a great social event programme to our students. And one of the best places to change their opinion about Manchester is the People’s History Museum which we’ve visited recently.

Last Thursday 9th July, Britannia English Academy organised a visit to the People’s History Museum with a group of eleven students from all over the world. They discovered so much about Manchester’s history that no one had ever told them before. The museum focuses on the fight for human rights from its beginning two centuries ago, with its politics, demonstrations and banners.

The People’s History Museum is well worth a visit. Its exhibitions are amazing and our students enjoyed their afternoon enormously, asking about every poster, exhibit and artefact they saw. They were especially impressed by the display of all the banners used in political marches. Students were astounded by their size and couldn’t imagine the scale of such protests. Another great story for them was the Peterloo Massacre, the story of brave Mancunians and their fate at St Peter’s Field against the cavalry charge really grabbed their attention. They felt they’d had an excellent history lesson about Manchester and its brave people.

We really enjoyed our day in the People’s History Museum and it will be included in our future social events programmes. Because we don’t only teach English. We want our students to leave with great memories about the city. That is our aim. Learning English is more fun if you have a range of different activities to do, and visiting Manchester’s museums should be one of them. We will be back again.


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