Recycled Sculptures Worth Every Penny

Another guest blog by artist Pui Lee, who is running a series of Family Friendly workshops over the summer to link to our Show Me the Money exhibition

So, I am back again at the People’s History Museum… Hooray!! 🙂 This week, the theme of the workshop was objects associated with money or finance. By using junk modelling techniques, families who came to my drop-in session got the opportunity to create their very own Recycled Sculptures Worth Every Penny! to take home with them.

I was initially inspired by Wolfgang Weileder’s, Cashpoint (2008), in the Show Me the Money exhibition. It provided a great reference point because of his use of simplified shapes, scale and abstraction. I also liked how the piece explores the relationship between form and function by randomly dispensing a five-pound note every 24 hours! So even though it appears inanimate on first glance, it is very much fully operational!

recycled sculptures 05.08.15@ People's History Museum (4)
I absolutely love working in 3D and I knew the children would too, so I was SOOOO looking forward to this week in particular! I pre-made some example recycled sculptures to provide some inspiration for the participants, which included a cash-till register, an ATM and a couple of calculators! I noticed the children were excited to get hands-on straight away and to raid the big collection of cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, bottle tops and other items available! The trusty calculator proved to be a popular option this afternoon and there was even a (very) giant cash-till register made by one family! Also, there was one little boy who was absolutely keen to make a sculpture of a rocket-ship today so I said, “Yes! -Well, they are indeed very expensive objects, so go for it!” This was a somewhat more different interpretation of the theme but that’s okay, I am always happy to encourage freedom of artistic expression by my workshop participants! 😀

recycled sculptures 05.08.15@ People's History Museum (31)
The feedback today was very positive once again! One of the parents commented, “That was so, so good! Really fun!” 🙂 Meanwhile, one child wrote down in their evaluation form: “I had a good day and I enjoyed meeting Pui.” They also commented that they had learnt more than they originally knew about finance. Likewise, they also reflected how it had made them realise how much we use and rely on money every day and how without it, “you won’t be able to get the things you need”. So I am really pleased that it has been a thought-provoking learning experience too!

At the end of their visit, all the participants (both adults and children) were invited to contribute towards my ongoing All the Money in the World (2015) installation as part of the overall Creative Currency Casino! project. I popped in to see the piece to monitor its progress and it’s certainly growing very nicely! Go and visit it in the family learning space inside the exhibition, see what others have written and make sure you take part too! 🙂

…Well, on that note, I will see you all on Wednesday 12 August, 1.00pm – 3.00pm for the Crafty Credit Cards workshop 😀


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