Crafty Credit Cards

Another instalment of artist Pui Lee’s blog series about our summer Family Friendly workshops that link to our Show Me the Money exhibition

Wow! I can’t believe it’s nearly the middle of August already! Well, I was back again at the People’s History Museum last week to deliver another summer drop-in workshop as part of their fantastic pARTicipate programme! 😀

Crafty Credit Cards 12.08.15 @ People's History Museum (25)Today, we explored and discussed the theme of credit and debt – what it means to have money, not have money and/or to owe money. One comment offered was, “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” and indeed, it doesn’t. So, I asked everyone what they would do if they had all the money in the world – say, an unlimited credit card with no worries of ever having to pay back a penny? Well, this got everyone thinking hard! Everyone then wrote down their wish lists onto till receipts, which were later added into my All the Money in the World (2015) installation in the gallery space. There has been some really interesting and varied responses so far! Examples include: “whatever my friends want”, “a hundred horses”, “all the water that’s bottled”, “a mansion”, “a Taekwon-Do kit”, “to develop high speed space travel”, “becoming the supreme emperor of the universe”… and even “purple tape”!? Yes, really…

Crafty Credit Cards 12.08.15 @ People's History Museum (33)The families then got the opportunity to make their very own Crafty Credit Cards to take home with them and I also showed everyone how to make a special card-holder to put it in, by using origami techniques! Paper-folding is no easy feat but the children all did fantastic today and took to it really well! One family said, “That was really fun! We’ve never done paper-folding before!”

Tomorrow’s workshop will be Design a Banknote where you can design and make your own giant currency banknote!”  …See you all then for more creative fun on Wednesday 19 August 2015, 1.00pm – 3.00pm! 🙂


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