Design a Banknote

The next instalment of artist Pui Lee’s blog series about our summer Family Friendly workshops that link to our Show Me the Money exhibition

In week 4 of my Creative Currency Casino! project, families visited the Design a Banknote workshop at the Learning Studio in the People’s History Museum for my latest art workshop as part of the summer drop-in pARTicipate programme!

Design a Banknote! 19.08.15 @ People's History Museum (20)Today’s activity was inspired by an artwork in the coinciding Show Me the Money exhibition called The Robin Currency™ (2008-2014) where the artist Robin Bhattacharya created his own currency based on a prime number system meaning that each coin and banknote is entirely unique.  When the participants arrived, I sent them on a marvellous-money-mission to explore the exhibition to find and count as many banknotes as they could throughout the gallery space. This could be in object format or in terms of visual representation. There was certainly plenty to see and discover including a one hundred trillion dollar banknote! They were then asked to find The Robin Currency™ banknote and to create a sketch of this, along with any shapes and patterns they saw recurring throughout the show. The families also had an opportunity to take a photo or two at the face-in-the-hole board in the exhibition, where anyone can be the new face of a larger-than-life banknote!

Design a Banknote! 19.08.15 @ People's History Museum (15)After this, it was back to the Learning Studio and everyone set to work on designing their very own giant currency banknote, which celebrates who they are as individuals and what matters to them. First of all, we looked at the design elements of a typical banknote and I also showed an example of one that I made earlier. I then introduced and demonstrated monoprinting, which is such a fun and creative process, so everyone got a little messy and tried out various techniques to create some really cool prints! Hand-made drawings and collaged elements were then added to the prints to personalise and complete the designs. Participants were then able to exchange their new currency with a special 28PUI currency banknote of mine to take home with them as a special memento of the day. All the hand-made banknotes collected in will soon be put up on display at the museum for all to see! Great stuff! 🙂

20150812_151720Don’t forget to add to my All the Money in the World (2015) installation in the Show Me the Money gallery space if you haven’t already done so yet! You can do this any day of the week, not just on Wednesday! Your responses might consist of a single word, a few sentences or even a really, really, long list! You may even want to illustrate your responses too! It’s all acceptable and can be anonymous too!  …So, what would YOU do if you had all the money in the world? Submit your answers now and get involved! 😀

Tomorrow’s drop-in will be long-awaited The Creative Currency Casino finale event, where you can try your luck on exciting games of chance to win some fabulous prizes! (Note to previous workshop attendees: – don’t forget to bring your “Creative Credit Card Vouchers” to redeem your free turns too!) 😀

…See you all then on Wednesday 26 August 2015, 1.00pm-3.00pm! 😀


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