Volunteering at People’s History Museum

A guest post by volunteer Jason Neal 

Jason NealThis summer I volunteered at the People’s History Museum in Manchester. I didn’t know what to expect and was full of nerves as, aside from the volunteer-training course I’d taken beforehand, I had never volunteered; I was a fresh, naïve volunteer. But my worries were in vain as I was made to feel incredibly welcome and valued by my colleagues from the start.

I spent part of my time volunteering at the museum on the front desk, welcoming the many visitors to the museum who had journeyed there for varying reasons – whether it was to gain knowledge, for a school trip, or a family day out. Another part of my role involved working behind the scenes, where I realised and appreciated the amount of work and effort that is essential to keep a museum afloat. I particularly enjoyed working in the archives with original, fascinating records. From my very first day, I was struck with how passionate the people who work at the museum are about the stories which are told there; this stayed with me for the duration of my placement and made me feel incredibly lucky that my first experience of volunteering was with the People’s History Museum.


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