Money Matters?

A-Level Economic students from Xaverian College took part in Money Matters? Patchwork quilt workshop on Friday 13 November 2015.  Most of the group had not visited the museum before so it was fantastic opportunity to learn more about the museum and explore and discuss our current changing exhibition Show Me the Money: The image of Finance from 1700 to the present. The group had a tour of the exhibition with our Curator of Exhibitions and Collections Chris Burgess and then took part in patchwork quilt workshop with artist Helen Mather. The group led a fascinating discussion about how they valued money, how the market was visualised, what the market and finance means to them and its meaning in the world today. You can find out more from the students themselves in the blog below.  Another group of Economics students from Xaverian took part in another Money Matters workshop later in December.

Show Me the Money will be on display until Sunday 24 January 2016.  We are working with a range of groups to create their own patchwork pieces in response to themes explored in the exhibition. Each piece represents a collection of voices, as a whole it is a community of people brought together by stitch. The patchwork pieces will be on display in the museum until Sunday 24 January 2016.  

A Level Economic students were invited into the People’s History Museum for a guided tour of the Show Me the Money: The image of Finance from 1700 to the present exhibition.  This exhibition attempts to question ‘what is money’ and the value we place and trust in it.

This exhibition asks: what does ‘the market’ look like? What does money really stand for?  How can the abstractions of high finance be made visible?  Who is finance for?  All money is a matter of belief and if that belief is shattered then a financial crisis will inevitable occur.  The exhibition charts how the financial world has been imagined in art, illustration, photography and other visual media over the last three centuries in Britain and the United States.Show-me-the-money-(3)

A2 Economics student Nomsa Mwimbi said, “The ‘Show me the Money’ exhibition combined philosophy, politics and economics so seamlessly that it required anyone viewing it to think deeply. History never looked so good.”

Show-me-the-money-(1)Hinda Ismail said, “I really enjoyed how money was illustrated in an artistic way since normally money is seen as just numbers and figures and not everyone really understands the impact it has, not only on our lives but to the change in society.”

Sumer Bhatti said, “The trip was a very educational experience. I never really thought about the concept of money or money in general, I just spent it whenever I got it. However, this trip taught me some fascinating elements about finance and money. For example, the digital version of the stock markets was a fun way to show the fluctuation in stocks.”Show-me-the-money-(5)

After the tour the students then attended a workshop to create their image of money in today’s world. They worked with an artist, Helen Mather, who quizzed them and debated with them about what the role of money meant to them individually. Each student then worked on an image and designed a piece of a patchwork quilt which at the end was stitched together to create a full patchwork quilt. Show-me-the-money-(6)This patchwork will now be on display at the museum for all to see in the future!