NHS Protest Apron

A guest post by Gabrielle Lorenz and Sylvan Davies, Fabric of Protest members

Our original NHS Protest Apron was inspired by attendance at a Fabric of Protest workshop at the People’s History Museum, focusing on protest messages incorporated into items of clothing.

Dismayed at how the NHS is currently being stealthily dismantled piece by piece we decided to embroider quotes from the founder of the NHS onto a plain white nurse’s apron and offset these with a printed shattered current NHS logo.

NHS Protest Apron 1

 Nicky Salmon, Gabrielle Lorenz and Sylvan Davies at the Anti-Austerity March in Manchester 

Our first apron was delicate and intended for exhibition purposes only. However, in September we decided to make a second more robust apron to wear during the Anti-Austerity March at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on 1st October. We complemented the apron by making two arm slings each with a current quote, one from Professor Stephen Hawking and one from Kelly-Anne Mendoza outlining the damage being caused to the NHS by the Tory government. The slings also included a Save Our NHS logo, courtesy of 999 Call For The NHS.

NHS Protest Apron 2

Gabrielle Lorenz, Nicky Salmon and Sylvan Davies

October 2017


Fabric of Protest

Come along to this monthly creative workshop and share ideas of protest over a cup of tea, while learning new textile techniques. Taking inspiration from the museum’s collection, participants will work collaboratively to produce pieces of artwork rich in personal responses and exploration. Being at the centre of textile production in Manchester historically, we will collect personal stories, learn about the conditions for workers, and compare the industry from past to present with global textile production and zero hours contracts.

Artist Helen Mather leads The Fabric of Protest workshops. You can read Helen’s latest blog post and follow what the participants are learning and creating on Helen’s tumblr blog.

Participants can attend an individual workshop or join us on a regular basis to shape how the work develops.

Suitable for adults and young people over 11yrs.

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