Our visit to the People’s History Museum by students from Broadgreen International School, Liverpool

A guest post from students from Broadgreen International School, Liverpool who visited the museum in July

Broadgreen International School, Liverpool

On Thursday 4th July we went to the People’s History Museum (PHM) in Manchester with Mr Windle and Miss Eyres to learn more about solidarity, how to get along with people and to produce our own banner for International Evening.  This involved working with John Halligan from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and Annette Cobley, the museum’s artist.

 Broadgreen International School, Liverpool 2Broadgreen International School, Liverpool 3

The first thing we did when we got to the PHM was to go to the Learning Studio where Annette gave an introduction about the museum.  We then had a tour of the museum galleries and learnt about banners, why they were there, and what the symbols on them mean.  Some of the banners we looked at were made by the bricklayers’ union, the Labour Party and George Tuthill.

After our tour we went to the museum’s café for a cake and a drink, before going back to the Learning Studio to make plans for our banner.  We worked together and all got our points across about what should go on our banner.

Broadgreen International School, Liverpool 4 Broadgreen International School, Liverpool 5 Broadgreen International School, Liverpool 6

Going to the PHM was a very good experience because we learnt how to all work together, how to get our points across better, how to make a banner and how solidarity can help our careers.   Before our visit to the PHM we worked with Mr Windle to learn about solidarity in Cuba and with Jay McKenna from the TUC to learn about what trade unions do.   Our visit to the PHM was also funded by a trade union called Unison.

Our plans for the future are to carry on working with the TUC and Unison because we want to learn more about trade unions, take part in a community radio project and hopefully even go to some places around the world like Cuba or Nigeria so we can see how other people live.

Broadgreen International School, Liverpool 7

Peace and Love!

You can find out more details about our Learning Programme on our website. Alternatively you can contact the Learning Team on 0161 838 9190 or by emailing learning@phm.org.uk