Student Ideas Matter

Students from the University of Central Lancashire have been working with PHM over the past few months on the Student Ideas Matter project. Here, they tell us a bit about what they’ve been up to…

Blog 1The People’s History Museum (PHM) is now showing a collection of pictures from our student campaign ‘Student Ideas Matter’. The display features a number of students, all from the Lancashire area, sharing their ‘ideas worth fighting for’. Come along to the museum, to see the photos in the foyer and Left Bank Café.

The display is a result of a partnership between PHM and the University of Central Lancashire. PHM kindly offered to collaborate with our group of PR students in September 2013, to offer practical work experience for us all.

Since then, we’ve been immersed in conversation with students throughout the Lancashire area. We’ve been visiting Student Unions over the past month, collecting students’ ‘ideas worth fighting for’. There was a great response! Blog (4)

Students from UCLan, Salford and MMU were excited to share their views. We collected a wealth of ideas, along with photos of the students. Ideas ranged from lower tuition fees, to free access to land and rivers. Overall, we talked to around 500 students throughout our three visits. Many were delighted to hear of the museum and its efforts to reach out to students.

‘Student Ideas Matter’ was essentially an Instagram photo competition, with the best ideas being chosen for display in People’s History Museum. The winners have been chosen and they are up for everyone to see! They will be up on display in PHM’s foyer until 30th April.

The campaign was designed with the museum’s values in mind; democracy, equality, peace and welfare all being at the centre of the ideas. The UCLan PR consultancy planned ‘Student Ideas Matter’ from day one, and all ideas were our own. We are all very proud of what we’ve achieved, and thankful to PHM for giving us the opportunity. But the show goes on! We’re continuing to work on the project until May, and hope to leave PHM with improved student relationships.

So, if you want to continue the conversation, use the hashtag #PHMStudentIdeas on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We’ll be looking out for you!

Come and find out what matters to us students. We will fight for our ideas to be heard.


We hope to see you there,

Emma R., Bernie, Fiona, Greta and Emma U.

(UCLan Student Team)