MCR women biking through – from suffrage to cycling equality – Saturday 7 March 2015

A guest blog by Glynis Joy Francis, Founder of Team Glow, about why they chose the People’s History Museum for their event

Team Glow was launched in 2011, the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. To celebrate women’s achievements in Manchester we recruited 100 women to cycle the Manchester 100 Sportive Christie Charity ride. We have changed the face of women’s cycling in Greater Manchester and the NW, in fact we have been making social history since then so this years IWD theme of ‘Breaking Through’ is a wonderful fit with our endeavours to bring about greater equality in the world of cycling.

Cycling to Suffrage talk and exhibition reminds us of the journey women have travelled to have the freedom we have today and Half the Road film reminds us just how hard it still is for women to have equality in the sport. Our photographic project M’crWomenBike will show us just how many different reasons and in different styles women ride their bike. Given our sense of ordinary people, women, exploring freedom and making social history with and on a bicycle it made absolute sense to make the connection with the People’s History Museum, because still the idea of women cycling is an idea worth fighting for.


Half the RoadHALF THE ROAD: The passion, pitfalls & power of women’s professional cycling.

A documentary written & directed by Kathryn Bertine

Filmed & edited by Kevin Tokstad

Modern society has long believed that women hold up half the sky in terms of equality and progression. So when it comes to the sport of professional cycling, why aren’t women receiving half the road?

HALF THE ROAD is a documentary film that explores the world of women’s professional cycling, focusing on both the love of sport and the pressing issues of inequality that modern-day female riders face in a male dominated sport. With footage from some of the world’s best UCI races to interviews with Olympians, World Champions, rookies, coaches, managers, officials, doctors and family members, HALF THE ROAD offers a unique insight to the drive, dedication, and passion it takes for a female cyclist to thrive.  Both on and off the bike, the voices and advocates of women’s pro cycling take the audience on a journey of enlightenment, depth, strength, love, humour and best of all, change & growth.

Kathryn Bertine: ‘I began this documentary with the assumption it was about women’s professional cycling. A few months in, I realized the film was about equality and society, as told through the medium of cyclists. Half The Road is my hope that someday the whole world will see sports not as “men’s” or “women’s” but as equal athletes on equal playing fields.’

Cycling to Suffrage talk and exhibition, Sat 7 March 2015, 1.00pm – 2.00pm. Tickets are free but booking is required via Eventbrite.

Half the Road film screening, Sat 7 March 2015, 2.30pm – 4.30pm. Tickets £5, book via Eventbrite

If you are looking for a space to hold an event, then we have excellent venue hire facilities at the PHM.  Just visit our Venue Hire page for more information.


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