Pui Lee’s Creative Currency Casino

A guest blog by artist Pui Lee, who is running a series of Family Friendly workshops over the summer to link to our Show Me the Money exhibition

Hi everyone! My name is Pui Lee and I work as a freelance artist and arts educator throughout the North of England. I am so, so excited to be working for the People’s History Museum as a freelancer and I sense lots of exciting things ahead! Look out for my upcoming Creative Currency Casino project as part of the museum’s pARTicipate summer drop-in programme and do get involved! 🙂

Personalised Piggy Banks – Wed 29 July 2015

29.07.15 Piggy Bank Making @ People's History Museum (33)Well, today was the first of the workshops as part of the pARTicipate summer drop-in programme PHM – gosh, what a brilliant turnout indeed! Thanks to everyone who came along! It was lovely to meet you all! This is the first time that the museum has had a set of family-friendly drop-in workshops all functioning together as an overall project. This was indeed my intention because drop-in workshops often operate as isolated one-off sessions at most museums and galleries today… and so, I decided to change that notion with this very project!   So, when the first flurry of families arrived, I introduced myself and outlined the details of my Creative Currency Casino project… and so it all begins today!

29.07.15 Piggy Bank Making @ People's History Museum (65)Personalised Piggy-Banks Fit for a King or Queen were on the agenda this afternoon, but not before a guided tour around the Show Me the Money changing exhibition first! It was great to see the families engaging with the contents of the show and discussing what they saw!   The theme of this week is the idea of “saving” – how we save money and the reasons why we do so. This led me nicely to inviting the participants to contribute towards my ongoing All the Money in the World (2015) installation in the family learning space inside the exhibition itself, which was inspired by Simon Roberts’s Credit Crunch Lexicon (2012) wall-based text piece.   We then returned back to the Learning Studio to work on the personalised piggy-banks! The children had some wonderful ideas and they enjoyed inventing unique characters for their hand-made creations. We also saw some less traditional piggy banks being made including an eight-legged Spider-Pig… a one-eyed half Cyclops/half pig piggy-bank… as well as a giant one litre piggy-bank for all those extra pennies! …Well done to everyone who took part! 🙂

See you all on Wednesday 5 August 2015, for the Recycled Sculptures Worth Every Penny workshop; 1.00pm – 3.00pm!

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